The Threat of Rural Crime

101 of the 114 counties composing Missouri are rural counties where agriculture is a predominant occupation of its citizens.

Missouri's state economy is founded in agriculture and its strength hinges on the mosaic of agricultural products generated by its many farms and agriculture-supporting businesses.

According to the National Agricultural Statistics Service and the United States Department of Agriculture, in 2012 there were roughly 99,171 farms in the state of Missouri, second largest number of farms in the United States. This year there are 3.3 million acres of harvested corn, 5.6 million acres of harvested soybeans, and 245,000 acres of cotton. There are 3.8 million head of cattle, 90,000 milk cows, 2.8 million pigs, and 11.5 million chickens in the state of Missouri.  

About this Website

Sharing rural crime incidents statewide - Law enforcement can post rural crime incidents that are then mapped and disseminated to registered members of this site.

Sharing information with other federal and state agencies - Law enforcement also has the option to share select information with regulatory and investigational personnel of federal and state agencies involved with Missouri's agriculture.

Sharing information with the community - Law enforcement can also opt to share select rural crime incident information with the community.

The only place to list stolen property without a serial number - Stolen or recovered property that cannot be entered in the NCIC database due to missing serial number information, can be posted to the RCIU website.

Archive of information and bulletins - The website will automatically archive posted incident information and bulletins or alert flyers that are uploaded to the site.

A place to contribute information anonymously - This website also serves to educate the public about rural crimes and to provide a way for residents to report tips on rural crime incidents.

The Rural Crime Investigative Unit --- Sponsor of this Website

RCIU focuses solely on the investigation of crime unique to the agricultural industry and farming communities within the state of Missouri.

Formed in the fall of 2009 with the award of a $3.4 million grant from the Bureau of Justice Assistance (U.S. Department of Justice), RCIU was designed after successful undercover efforts that served to address increasing incidents of specific agriculture-related crimes.

The current makeup of RCIU includes nine investigators and a civilian criminal analyst who provide investigational assistance to law enforcement agencies statewide.

RCIU also serves to educate law enforcement and civilians regarding rural crime via community seminars, POST-accreditation training, and email alerts. 

The RCIU can be reached via its Tip Line at 888-484-8477 and also by email at

What is Being Done about Rural Crime - What RCIU Offers Missouri:

RCIU supports a tip line of 888-484-TIPS that allows citizens to report rural crime information anonymously.

RCIU investigators are all trained and seasoned state troopers with experience in conducting interviews of subjects and victims, gaining "street intelligence," conducting surveillance, collecting evidence, performing case research, and preparing documents to satisfy judicial prosecution requirements.

RCIU staff actively investigates rural crime cases alongside rural law enforcement agencies that have reported the crime and have requested assistance.

RCIU analyst is available to provide investigative assistance to MO law enforcement agencies that are investigating rural crime regardless of whether the agency is actively working in conjunction with RCIU on the case.

RCIU Livestock Theft Alerts are disseminated regionally to law enforcement, MO state sale barns, and the public in an effort to recover stolen livestock.

RCIU Equipment Theft Alerts are disseminated to law enforcement statewide and often to the public and farm implements in an effort to recover stolen heavy equipment.

RCIU hosts regional rural crime seminars to educate law enforcement, business owners, and farmers regarding the intricacies of rural crime.


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